The Universal Healing Tao System

The Universal Healing Tao System

Ian is a Certified Associate Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao systems and as such is able to teach the following meditations:

The above meditations are the most basic level of the Universal Healing Tao System founded by Mantak Chia ( Ian received his training from Dr Andrew Jan (, who has been a Wu Shu / Meditation instructor for 10 years. Dr Andrew Jan is a Senior Instructor for the Healing Tao International (Master Mantak Chia) and certified to teach: Cosmic Inner Smile & Healing Sounds, Cosmic Cleansing, Wisdom Chi Kung, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt, Healing Love, Tai Chi Chi Kung 1 & 2, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Tao Yin and Fusion meditations 1,2 & 3 and Lesser, Greater and Greatest Kan and Li.

The purpose of the meditations is to begin the process of retaining and recycling our energies and the cultivation of life force energy. These basic meditations aim to identify and develop our virtues (love, kindness, fairness, gentleness and righteousness) by first becoming aware of and then transforming our negative emotions into useful energy. The meditations are very effective at helping balancing the emotions and aim to improve the overall health of the body. Ian runs regular courses in the inner smile, six healing sounds and microcosmic orbit meditations. The course runs for 4 weeks in total, every Monday, to allow the individual to absorb and practice each meditation. The fourth and final lesson aims at reviewing and cementing your practice and as a forum for any problem solving that may be required.

The Inner Smile

The Inner smile is a powerful internal healing and relaxation meditation. The Inner smile enhances the energy of the organs and glands and our life force in general. Practising the Inner smile daily lets us look inside to keep in touch with the state of our inner organs, our chi, our breath and emotions. You can learn to spot problems at their inception, making it easier to balance the emotions and virtues.

The Six Healing Sounds

Taoist masters discovered that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency. They were able to identify six sounds with the correct frequencies to keep each organ in optimal condition. In addition to this, six postures were developed to activate the acupuncture meridians/channels, of the corresponding organs. Modern lifestyles can cause excess heat to become trapped around the organs, causing energy blockage and sickness. The vibrations generated by the six healing sounds and the accompanying postures redistribute this excess heat to the cooler regions of the body. This helps to stimulate Qi/energy and restore the vital organs.

The Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit pathway is composed of two major channels, referred to as the Du (runs up the spine and over the head, ending at the palate of the mouth) and the Ren (runs up the front of the body from the perineum, ending at the tip of the tongue). Touching the tip of the tongue to palate connects both channels. By using the inner senses to circulate Qi/energy through the Microcosmic Orbit, we establish a clear and open channel, so our internal health can maintain itself.

The Microcosmic orbit is like a large reservoir of Qi/energy that supplies nourishing Qi/energy to the rest of the body. Initially it fills the eight extraordinary channels (this includes the Ren and Du channels). It then fills the twelve ordinary channels (six Yin and six Yang). The Yin and Yang channels are each connected to one of the vital organs. This is how the Microcosmic Orbit meditation sends nourishing Qi/energy throughout the entire body. Not only are blockages removed as the bodies natural Qi flow is enhanced, but practice also helps the body absorb more Qi/energy from other sources.

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