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Ian Russell

Throughout 2021, Ian began seeing clients at the clinic for Integrative Intuitive Coaching. The sessions are about supporting the individual to focus and action their own intuitive intelligence, rather than conditioned programs of the brain and recognise the difference between head and heart.

To book, please contact Ian or book an appointment via his new website.

East Meets West no longer books these sessions.

Ian also runs a variety of online courses. Click here for more information

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About Intuitive Coaching Sessions

What they are:

Ian hold's a safe space so that an individual receives an objective view of themselves.

The aim of the session is to intuitively identify what the individual truly is capable of and how they sabotage themselves.

The individual intends to take full responsibility for themselves and what they create in their life. The sessions recognise the inner wisdom of the individual and the support to act this wisdom.


What they are not:

They are not therapy sessions.

Ian does not provide life advice.

Intellect vs. Wisdom

Every human being operates three systems of consciousness at the same time. The unconscious/subconscious, conscious and higher/super conscious state. 


The sub conscious/unconscious state is where we store all of our programming/learned belief systems, currently thought to be responsible of 95% of all brain activity. Our conscious state, where we observe the world from, is currently thought to be responsible for 5% of all brain activity!


We now understand that the subconscious acts like a DVD recorder and then literally just plays on repeat. That is okay if the brain is programmed well, but this rarely happens in modern culture.


Luckily, we have another amazing system in play that is innate in every human being. Our higher state of intelligence - most people experience as intuition or a sixth sense. For the majority of humans this part of us is suppressed at some point in our life. This can cause major problems as this systems purpose is to create homeostasis and to guide the individual in how to feel truly alive!!!

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