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You're In Good Hands!

Ian and Michelle Russell

Ian and Michelle have always wanted to support people with their health and have dedicated a lifetime to the study and practice of Western and Chinese Medicine philosophies.  They have Bachelor degrees in Science, both working as Registered Nurses in a variety of clinical settings in their earlier careers.


As a result they have an excellent knowledge base and extensive experience caring for clients from both a Western and Chinese Medicine perspective. 


Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has given Ian and Michelle the tools to integrate the knowledge from both systems of medicine to assist people to be the healthiest they can be.


Ian and Michelle approach their work with a deep sense of purpose, warmth, and compassion.  They aim to provide a professional, safe and comfortable environment, where they can assist you to navigate your way back to great health.

Commitment to Evidence Based Practice

The team at East Meets West is committed and dedicated to providing the best clinical care by using current and evidence based Acupuncture and Chinese medicine research.


We place our client’s safety and wellbeing at the forefront of our clinical practice.  We are considerate and cautious in our approach while being focussed on helping our clients achieve their health care goals.


Chinese Medicine offers a rich and unique perspective to health care…we view the body holistically, aiming to address the causes of health issues and educating people to achieve optimal levels of health, wellness and balance in their life.

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